About Me

 " NO life decisions or quilting past 11pm"

I'm Sarah and I  love to quilt, craft and mess around with stuff.

While most 11 year old girls back during the Christmas of 2001 were pawing over their latest New Kids on the Block t-shirts and awesome yellow sports sony walkmans ( you remember those don't you? ), my 11 year old paws were happily fondling my new Janome sewing machine. I was captivated by this gift and frantically began to sew doll clothes, blankets and whatever I could. To this day it is by FAR the best present I have ever gotten I received as a child... I'm still sewing almost 20 years later and curious as ever.

My dream is to dabble and craft all day long, for now I work in a office and dream big dreams and craft lots of crafts in my craft room and on the couch... on the bus.. on my lunch breaks.. It's a good life. And I like it because its mine.

Wanna contact me??? theaftercraft(at)gmail.com